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Creature Entertainment Presents Ultra Vixen.

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Reviewed by: Ron Kerronian

Written and Created by: Marcelo Bravo
Penciled by: Jed Daugherty
Inked by: Kevin Routon
Colored and Lettered by: Rick Porven

Marcelo Bravo's Ultra Vixen.

Marcelo Bravo’s Ultra Vixen.

Depicting Humor in comics is not always an easy task, many have tried and failed. However sometimes you get surprised…humor, Creature Entertainment’s Ultra Vixen not only pulls it off, but does it with style. The artwork flows extremely well, continuity is not lost here. The Story kept me guessing until the characters played their roles…once completed, I could not help laughing and feeling some envy, wishing she would someday rescue me once or twice. Comic Natives, if this story is a preview of what Creature has ahead, then I am all in.

Creature Entertainment Presents Ultra Vixen.

Creature Entertainment Presents Ultra Vixen.

How to Make a major Impact on FREE Comic Book Day.

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365 Killer, Sure Fire, Down – and – Dirty Marketing Strategies; Tactics For Indy Publishers and Comic Shop Owners…PART 24

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - Power girl.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - Power girl.

While investigating stores and the event that is FREE Comic Book Day ( FCBD), I noticed there were lots of promotion for the  FCBD event itself, but little to  no artist/creator promotional and relationship building material for the store itself  and its’ customers.  There was no branding, no creator community bonding, no creator retailer cross promoting… again, just the branding of the FCBD.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - The Fans Branded.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - The Fans Branded.

FCBD is already a known staple in the comic book world, what may be an unknown is your book, and the best way to change that is to get them in stores. How? You build relationships with the store owners, who have access to the customers, who in turn have access to the money and potential success of your work of art.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - True believers.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - True believers.

How do you go about building this relationship? The method I will be discussing is that of Private labeling, have the store incorporated in the comic book or published work you’ve  created, the easiest way to do this is by creating a store specific personalized emblem, picture, ect… on your book cover….this emblem/picture will be the accompanied by  the FCBD emblem. However, it will also brand you as a partnership fixture in the mind of the store owners and the potential customers that pick up your book.

Happy Hunting…

How to Effectively Use Comics as a Means to ShowCase Your Other Talents.

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How to Use Comics to Showcase other talents - Filming.

How to Use Comics to Showcase other talents - Filming.

365 Killer, Sure Fire, Down – and – Dirty Marketing Strategies; Tactics For Indy Publishers and Comic Shop Owners…PART 23

While you are always encouraged to promote other companies in your book, I would encourage you to implement the uses of your company’s talents in the book as well.  Many publishers have diversified into multimedia, now they not only publish books but engage in activities as diverse as photography, video production, websites, logo, and graph design.

Photographer Uses Comics to Showcase other talents.

Photographer Uses Comics to Showcase other talents.

During “sequential intermissions”, I would encourage you to place Advertisements of you and your creative team doing what you do best, this will make the reader, customer, client or retailer, or even other publishers aware of your added benefits. If you do not wish to show boat, you can disguise your company by simply adding the talents of your creative team, at least they may get potential business from those reading the book.

How to Use Comics to Showcase other talents - website design.

How to Use Comics to Showcase other talents - website design.

Happy Hunting…

How to Effectively Use Digital Comics to Engage Your Audience and Launch a Powerful Product.

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365 Killer, Sure Fire, Down – and – Dirty Marketing Strategies; Tactics For Indy Publishers and Comic Shop Owners…PART 22

Larry Watts artist for Metal Locus

Try this effective use of digital media for your comics; use a digital forums (company websites, social site or sites) to engage your prospective customers. Provide digital samples of your work on these sites highlighting the stories you would like to preview and bring to production within the next year (Production takes time).

Tradd Moore artist of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

Tradd Moore artist of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode

The samples should be about 5-10 pages of panel work for each product, in addition provide Bios of the creative team and a story synopsis (Don’t give away the crown jewel, but provide enough to wet there appetites). Set your previews free into the “cyber –wild,” engage the audience, see what they like; then determine from their comments and responses which book merits being printed and promoted for sales in stores.

Walter Ostlie Artist of Cubicle: The Movie

Walter Ostlie Artist of Cubicle: The Movie

A very effective way to gauge audience demand is to simply ask them, run a contest or best recommendation, etc…engage them by having them decide what it is they would like to invest in. Surveys are always effective because they have become a standard in marketing. You can run your own test market by picking a few dozen random friends on face book or other social sites and have them give anonymous or public feedback on the projects you are working on. If you are successful; this could pay off in helping you launch a product that propels your career to new highs.

As always happy hunting ….

steam punk villian by Jeff DeKal Cover Artist Supreme

steam punk villian by Jeff DeKal Cover Artist Supreme

P.S.  Always ask other artist or publishers if they want to help you with gauging audience interest, see if they would preview your projects on their sites…every bit helps.

Tradd Moore And His Strange Talents.

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Greetings Comic Natives, today we have Tradd Moore, and he is the penciler/inker  of Image Comics recent SMASH hit “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.”  The book is centered on the desire of most teen males – to be strong, buff, to make an imposing impression (Don’t “F” with me). However, this is where the similarity to the average teenage life ends, the story morphs from an innocent obsession of wishful thinking…into an all too real nightmare.  When wishes come true there is always a sacrifice demanded and for Luther Strode the protagonist, his sacrifice is his very humanity.

Luther Strode

Luther Strode

While reviewing the books, I noticed Tradd’s  ability to depict  visually violent outcomes; yet not so much that it is scary overboard. The violence is situation appropriate; which manages to level the book out, as Luther wants nothing to do with clear and present violence foreshadowed for him by a gentleman that looks like Batman’s Alfred on steroids. However, Luther is forced to learn that in life sometimes your wants really does matter especially when someone with more muscle has his or her self interest at play.

Luther Strode Violence Appropriate

Luther Strode Violence Appropriate

Tradd explains that the story’s influence originated from the old advertisements (order here for BIGGER muscles, a submarine, or sea monkeys) that comic books were rifled with in the 1980’s…they always seem to promise much but delivered little, but we were kids and we believed it would work just as advertised. The completion of this book marks Tradd’s  trial by fire comic book induction now as a professional artist.

What’s next for the artist, well Tradd has stated that a dream of his has alsways been to work with such living legends such as Neil Gaiman, Takashi Miike, John Romita Jr, and John Cassaday to mention a Few. Artist such as these have helped inspire and influence Tradd’s pilgrimage into the comic book industry.

Tradd himself may not be a legend as of yet however, I would love to someday have him work on one of my projects (Tradd, just remember not to get so BIG that you forget the little people).

Jeff Dekal An Interview With an Artistic Master.

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There isn’t much I can say (mainly because Jeffs‘ art speaks for itself) about the amazing talent I discovered while trolling the fringe alleys of palmcon last season. If I could sum up Jeff’s art in one word it would be “the art has extremely visceral colors, textures, and realism that grabs you by the mental throat and forces you to pay homage.” Wait a minute that is not just one word, seems like an entire phrase…goes to show that Jeff’s work posses so many layers that it will not allow itself to be locked into the objective box of just one adjective.

Now, Jeff is pretty humble, he has a modest nature about his talent, he even stated that he doubts that I will even post this interview and video – WRONG! This art would not be silenced – OK enough of my metaphysical “bromance” – his art rocks and you have to see it for yourself: Check it!

Jeff’s unique take on fantasy art has stemmed from various influences…numbered among them are great artist such as  Simon Bisley,  Alex Ross, and comic artist Marco Georgevich. In addition his  Dark Phoenix painting is inspired by a dress created by Fashion Designer Alexander Mac Queen.  Jeffs’ work stretches across many genre’s, he’s  worked on projects for  hip hop and rap album covers, projects for the band MayDay, Book Covers, Comic Book Covers, Smaller interior illustrations for Comic Books and Covers in general.

Interview with Miami Artist Jeff Dekal

If you are ever privileged to set eyes on a canvas in which he paints, then make sure to buy it because I am sure that his work will be going places and you do not want to miss out on a potential masterpiece of extreme rarity.

The craftsmanship in his work is almost unreal; the essence embodies an addictive quality that stirs envy at his talent to say the least. My final words “Jeff’s work is such that I am not sure when the art starts and when the reality ends.”

Aaron Pierce Helps Re-Launch FacePalm Comic ENTITY Franchise.

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“Are you a Fan of Superheroes, Aliens taking over, or even Nomads roaming the wastelands? If you are, FacePalm ComicENTITY may be right up your alley.”

Aaron Pierce Helps Rebut FacePalm Comic's ENTITY

Aaron Pierce Helps Rebut FacePalm Comic's ENTITY

As an avid supporter of the indie arena, I do my best to keep up with promising intellectual properties and the independent publishers that produce them…one such company is FacePalm Comic. Leo Levar is the company’s’ CEO, and I do what I can to keep apprised of his companies open and active projects. One of the products he along with creator Thierry Charlemagne brought to market was Entity, a comic book that has great promise, but has unfortunately been put on the back burner mainly because of a key ingredient that is missing in its creative team – an artist.

Entity like many projects have seen its share of cameo artist (artist that are hired for a single run or artist that did not work out for whatever reason). FacePalm has sought to remedy this,  in comes Aaron Pierce (Entity’s new artist), Aaron “Airpig” has more energy than the energizer bunny; I hope that some of this energy is transferred onto his newest project – The re-launching of the ENTITY franchise. As I said earlier,  I was curious as to why Leo Levar optioned to re-launch the book with another artist and creative staff, Aaron explains that the work is not a complete revamp just an re-enhancement – one that gives the book more clarity and direction.

Aaron Pierce ENTITY Pencils

Aaron Pierce ENTITY Pencils

Entity as a concept I feel has lots of potential so I am eager to see how the book will be executed with Aaron at the Helm. The writer is Aaron’s girlfriend (Kitty Don), which I jokingly stated,”Now I see how he will be able to channel his inner woman.”  Entity Chronicles the adventures of a mysterious girl named Max who lives safe and secure in a Dome City Which is bordered by a dangerous and volatile wasteland. Both Max and the place she calls home harbors secrets unbeknownst to them. Aaron did manage to give some highlights in this interview; the book as he puts it will appeal to a wider range of audiences as it will touch on many different angles such as Super heroes, Aliens, Nomads in the wasteland etc …the direction Aaron Plans on taking this book will be as suspenseful and mysterious as the character  themselves.

Aaron "Airpig" Pierce

Aaron "Airpig" Pierce

Everyone Let’s wish Aaron and Kitty a Warm Welcome to the FacePalm Comic Team!!!!

Comic Artist, Publishers, Writers, and Comic Shop Owners. Unlock The Magic of Virtual Interns and PR Representatives.

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365 Killer, Sure Fire, Down – and – Dirty Marketing Strategies; Tactics For Indy Publishers and Comic Shop Owners…PART 21


What are Virtual interns and PR representatives, and how can they benefit you? Well I’m glad you asked. This is an idea that can  take your brand awareness from local to global in a matter of Months, weeks, or even days  if you have the drive to get it started with a few simple steps.

No doubt many of you are familiar with the term or concept of a fellowship or internship. Traditional internships  require the intern to work at the physical place of business, however, we are no longer living in a traditional world and this requires non traditional methods to leverage your time, product, power, and brand. The world has gone virtual and viral to hell in a hand basket in the last decade, and this is the future… like it or not. You as a company have two choices, you can either get on board or you can become extinct (harsh, I know…but thems the breaks).

As a Marketer and salesman I have to constantly research, discover, uncover, or create marketing ideas and concepts…one of those concepts are virtual interns of which you are reading at this very moment.  Virtual interns can operate anywhere and anytime in the world, which is what you, because this will help push your brand in the locale they inhabit.

Now here are your requirements:

You must have a legal business, license preferably or at least one that a Federal Identification Number. Having a FIN or some legal stance (Be creative) creates more credibility when requesting interns.  Remember you may have interns that are high school or college students so their advisors will require some level of legitimacy from you as their employer (remember internships are unpaid, generally). For publishers like yourself you may want to focus on art, film, design, or vocational schools when recruiting interns as they are more apt to want to learn the “ins and outs of publishing.”

How do you recruit these folks? Simple, you have avenues such as face book and twitter to spread the word that you are looking for interns (remember be creative). Recruiting is the easy part, involvement, instruction, and maintaining control virtually is the challenge (I never said it would be easy – just cheap).  First, you will have to conduct virtual meetings to set the direction you want each individual intern to complete…use communication tools such as conferencing, Skpe, or live chats to keep in touch with the interns (your new team).

Now, once you have each member squared away as to what you expect, then it’s time to start branding using both virtual and grass roots methods. These methods will be performed by your interns in their unique locales…under your direction and management. Your job is to help create marketing Campaigns, have them focus on individual sections and carry it out (This works easily if you have a little back ground in management and marketing yourself).

Virtual Methods of Influence:

-          Have the intern blast your post to any and everyone.

-          Have them tweet and share your youtube videos.

-          Have them comment on your post (Let them know that it is ok to be honest about their opinions of the post…make sure that you as the manager read all post to understand both the views of your interns and the audience).

Grass Roots Methods of influence:

-          Have the interns attend, participate, and pass out your brand (flyers, business cards, comic books, etc…) at local Comic Conventions and gathering that support your fandom. Don’t worry about cost of entrance to having them enter these cons, most conventions will provide free access to media (which each of your interns have now become).  Your only cost may be creating biz cards for the interns…and all your brand material you want them to pass out.

-          Door to Door visits to comic retailers to hand out your product packages…especially if you are coming out with a new book, this could help get your book in those stores.

-          Request that each of them use one aspect of their education to create and implement a unique marketing campaign.

*One Last suggestion, this relates to recognition…it’s always a great idea to reward people that help you achieve your goals… and when it comes to the publishing business, there is no greater honor or award than to be mentioned in print (in your comic book make sure to have a “special thanks” section where you will include your key interns names and even contact details; you never know you may help land them an awesome grade or a great job).

Happy Hunting …!!!!

Red Stylo Media Presents: Azteca “A Suspense Thriller Worthy of Twenty-Twelve.”

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Reviewer: Ron Kerronian
Flash Rating: Suspense, Murder, Mystery

Nefarious events are prophesized to occur in 2012, can mankind’s future be altered, and what steps must be taken to insure earth has a future? These are some of the question many have pondered for centuries, not to worry a serial Killer has the solution and it is twisted.

Written by: Enrica Jang
Pencils by: Jhazmine Ruiz
Color, Letters, Inks by: Andre Frattino
Publisher: Red Stylo Media

  • Image-7172-full

There are many expectations for the nefarious events (earthquakes,tornados, floods, mass murders… in short great tragedies) to take place in 2012 (Twenty-Twelve)… mainly the end of the world. For some of us it is simple conjecture, hysteria, and trumped up fantasy, however there are some  true believers. Azteca chronicles the debatably “twisted” logic of a “serial killer” who seeks to stop 2012 by sacrificing criminals to the gods (OUCH, can you say…TWISTED). the creative team over at Red Stylo Media have indeed conjured up a novel take on the concept of human sacrifices, as it is often retained as an act visted upon the innocent. However, I think it can extend to those unwilling  to die as well; which is a category these criminals happen to fit into quite well.

The art and story are gritty, which creates the mood of instability helping draw you into the mind of a well meaning yet demented crazed killer. Miserable, Treacherous, Clever, and  Murderous these are only a few words that can be used to discribe the criminal element running amuck through the streets.   Because of the criminal element and the killers contriversal motives, this book  helps to change and define what can drive a man to become serial killer (it’s hard to not be altered by hell if you see it everyday), how actions can be wrong and justified at the same time.

Jhazmine Ruiz: the artist behind Azteca.

Jhazmine Ruiz: the artist behind Azteca.

I love Jhazmine Ruiz’s art in this book, in that it is drawn in an almost Aztec heiroghphs fashion; which creates the optimal mood and setting for the story. Jhazmine Ruiztruely understands the elements necessary to accentuate the mood of the story, her art gives a viseral taste of the streets, people, mood and culture of mexico…the good and the bad.

Andre Frattino: Azteca's Colorist, Letterer, and Inker.

Andre Frattino: Azteca's Colorist, Letterer, and Inker.

The colors of Andre Frattino are well blended like the earthy grunge colors of mexican tiles, it gives the work an authentic Mexican feel…I love when books go out of the norm an explore new places, people, and cultures…

Enrica Jang (Azteca'a writer) and Stan Lee( need I say More?).

The books writer Enrica Jang does a fantastic job of bringing the audience into a world of corruption, murder, lies, and obvious deceit by using common media knowledge  and stereotypes (the Mexican Cartels and their murderous Methods)which makes it that more real as the audience may already be familar with the darker nature of the story’s location. The book also uses words that easily cross the “language barrier” – (when learning a language, I’ve been told that the easiest words to learn always seem to be the unsavory sort) there is a great mix between adult language and language suitable for all ages. Erinca Jang is undiscoverably a great writer, she pulls you into the story and leads you down the many dark recesses of the paths that form these characters experiences.


This issue From  a rating system of “A – F,” I give a solid   “B+”. This rating is awarded because this book visits the notion of 2012 and the fears many of us have regarding it…is there merit to 2012, and if there is should we do something about it?  In this book one man is making an attempt utilizing the very same methods of   his ancestors.

If you like shows  like CSI: (New York, Miami, and Las Vegas), Criminal minds, The Next 48, and murder media in general… you’ll like the suspense, msytery, and suspect profiling factor present in this book, as it is engaing…the reader will try and figure out who is the killer, I would say that the choice of killer does make sense.

How to Use a Tragic Event to Build Brand Awareness (If You Can Stomach it, You can Make it Work).

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365 Killer, Sure Fire, Down – and – Dirty Marketing Strategies; Tactics For Indy Publishers and Comic Shop Owners…PART 20

There is no shortage of tragedy or events we deem tragic (Tornadoes, Hurricanes,  Earthquakes,  Murders,  Serial Killings,  Rapes, Hit and run, Financial Scams, Bernie Madoff –like Ponzi Schemes, Mistreatment of  the elderly, Solar Flares, the list is as long as the universe is vast) we see it almost daily on the News. These often senseless and merciless happenings can sometimes make us feel helpless; however, you can do something about it. You can benefit the afflicted and your comic brand as well (Use your Talents to help Heal those who are suffering). Tragedy “like it or hate it” is a beacon for attention, it creates the perfect breeding ground for publicity and brand awareness (Hey, I warned you…I did say this may be hard to stomach).

Tornado damage to people's homes and belongings

Tornado damage to people’s homes and belongings

Using a tragic event in your Campaign headline while promoting can help you gain free press from local as well as national media…granted if you reach out to these varies outlets and inform them as to what you are doing and why you are doing it. Creating your brand for charity will often create a great PR boost for your business. You will need to create a press release about the tragic event, then somewhere in the details you seed it with how the proceeds of your book or product will benefit those who’ve been injured, left homeless, parentless, or even family members of the deceased (could be used to help with bills or funeral arrangements). Press releases such as these are human interest pieces and using them during times of crisis can help add another dimension as to how your book, firm, or publishing company is perceived by the public at large.

REMEMBER:  Your Comic Book  can be used as a Method to Building Customer GoodWill


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