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Creature Entertainment and The Rise of Ravenous; a Comic Not For The Faint of Heart.

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Creature Entertainment and The Rise of Ravenous
Creature Entertainment and The Rise of Ravenous

Reviewer: Ron Kerronian Flash Rating: Ravenous, not for the faint of heart. Ravenous comes from the creative minds of Creature Entertainment; a dynamic entertainment company that has through grass roots marketing methods managed to produce cinematic quality Films and Comics worthy of an Eisner Award.

Written by: John Ulloa   Pencils by: Jose Varese  Inks/ Color by: Jose Varese Cover painted by: Patrick Reilly  Editor: Jaun Navarro Letters: Julio Alvarez Publisher: Creature Entertainment

Ravenous, a book of top tier quality; not only is the art superb, but also the story. The books’ concept of werewolves taking on the role of earths’ immune system is genius. Men have their weapons, earth has mythical beast to protect it. Ravenous is the classic adventure tale of hunter and prey, but the motivations of the characters playing in this deadly game are much more complex. The story starts off with a slow tense feel, the reader can sense the impending chaos about to ensue, and they are not wrong.

Creature Entertainment Presents Ravenous
Creature Entertainment Presents Ravenous

Almost immediately the story throws the reader into a bloody battle, I was left to wonder whether or not this main character was going to survive the first few pages. The level of life and death uncertainty painted in those initial pages created an infectious interest (I had to read it all) in the story’s outcome up until the final pages. If Ravenous #0 is a prelude of what is to come, then I feel will be a story be a huge commercial success, but it would have done its job of ingraining the reader into the mystery, magic, and potential menace both hunter and prey bring to the table.

This episode From a rating system of “A – F,” I give  a solid A. This rating is awarded because the series starts off with enough interest to motivate me to want to read the next installment. The art is crisp and clean; with clear continuity. The writing at the story’s beginning gives a voice to the character ensnaring the reader into a false mood, it takes on an almost “once upon a time” cozy feel, instead of the bloody melee surprise which awaits him.


Tradd Moore And His Strange Talents.

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Greetings Comic Natives, today we have Tradd Moore, and he is the penciler/inker  of Image Comics recent SMASH hit “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.”  The book is centered on the desire of most teen males – to be strong, buff, to make an imposing impression (Don’t “F” with me). However, this is where the similarity to the average teenage life ends, the story morphs from an innocent obsession of wishful thinking…into an all too real nightmare.  When wishes come true there is always a sacrifice demanded and for Luther Strode the protagonist, his sacrifice is his very humanity.

Luther Strode

Luther Strode

While reviewing the books, I noticed Tradd’s  ability to depict  visually violent outcomes; yet not so much that it is scary overboard. The violence is situation appropriate; which manages to level the book out, as Luther wants nothing to do with clear and present violence foreshadowed for him by a gentleman that looks like Batman’s Alfred on steroids. However, Luther is forced to learn that in life sometimes your wants really does matter especially when someone with more muscle has his or her self interest at play.

Luther Strode Violence Appropriate

Luther Strode Violence Appropriate

Tradd explains that the story’s influence originated from the old advertisements (order here for BIGGER muscles, a submarine, or sea monkeys) that comic books were rifled with in the 1980’s…they always seem to promise much but delivered little, but we were kids and we believed it would work just as advertised. The completion of this book marks Tradd’s  trial by fire comic book induction now as a professional artist.

What’s next for the artist, well Tradd has stated that a dream of his has alsways been to work with such living legends such as Neil Gaiman, Takashi Miike, John Romita Jr, and John Cassaday to mention a Few. Artist such as these have helped inspire and influence Tradd’s pilgrimage into the comic book industry.

Tradd himself may not be a legend as of yet however, I would love to someday have him work on one of my projects (Tradd, just remember not to get so BIG that you forget the little people).

Jeff Dekal An Interview With an Artistic Master.

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There isn’t much I can say (mainly because Jeffs‘ art speaks for itself) about the amazing talent I discovered while trolling the fringe alleys of palmcon last season. If I could sum up Jeff’s art in one word it would be “the art has extremely visceral colors, textures, and realism that grabs you by the mental throat and forces you to pay homage.” Wait a minute that is not just one word, seems like an entire phrase…goes to show that Jeff’s work posses so many layers that it will not allow itself to be locked into the objective box of just one adjective.

Now, Jeff is pretty humble, he has a modest nature about his talent, he even stated that he doubts that I will even post this interview and video – WRONG! This art would not be silenced – OK enough of my metaphysical “bromance” – his art rocks and you have to see it for yourself: Check it!

Jeff’s unique take on fantasy art has stemmed from various influences…numbered among them are great artist such as  Simon Bisley,  Alex Ross, and comic artist Marco Georgevich. In addition his  Dark Phoenix painting is inspired by a dress created by Fashion Designer Alexander Mac Queen.  Jeffs’ work stretches across many genre’s, he’s  worked on projects for  hip hop and rap album covers, projects for the band MayDay, Book Covers, Comic Book Covers, Smaller interior illustrations for Comic Books and Covers in general.

Interview with Miami Artist Jeff Dekal

If you are ever privileged to set eyes on a canvas in which he paints, then make sure to buy it because I am sure that his work will be going places and you do not want to miss out on a potential masterpiece of extreme rarity.

The craftsmanship in his work is almost unreal; the essence embodies an addictive quality that stirs envy at his talent to say the least. My final words “Jeff’s work is such that I am not sure when the art starts and when the reality ends.”

Comic Privy Presents a Raw and Uncut Interview With Kaiser Studio Productions Very Own Bryan Tillman.

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“If you like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Chess, Trading Card Games, or RPG in general…You’ll Love Dark Legacy!

Dark legacy, an Interview with Creator Bryan Tillman.

Dark legacy, an Interview with Creator Bryan Tillman.

Things are all fun and games over at Kaiser Studios – Literally. Today we have inside the Artist studio (MegaCon) Bryan Tillman Kaiser’s President and CEO. We will be discussing the development of his new Role Playing game Dark Legacy, an enterprise that he’s been toiling with for over three years. The following video also highlights several other projects his studio has in production; one of my favorites is Torment by artist/creator Enrique Rivera.

Enrique Rivera's Creation Torment

Enrique Rivera's Creation Torment

Torment follows the trials of a young boy, Axel who is tormented by a curse which involves a seemingly unwelcomed/ painful connection with a dragon. Axel also suffers the plight of a forgotten past, which is always a mixture for adventure…adventure that can be deadly and daring…the artwork is killer and the concept is captivation from start to finish.

The Solution is also a promising take on the superhero genre, it addresses the realistic fears humans could/would confront if super powered beings occupied reality. How would humanity change if a man existed that can crush a city at will (aside from tyrants and dictators humans have very little real world experience with True power)? What are some of the thought that would flood our daily consciousness knowing definitively that we are not alone, and worse yet “They” are more powerful than us…ooouch?!!!

The video’s main focus however is Kaiser’s Table top RPG trading card game titled Dark Legacy, which is a combination of Dungeons and Dragons, magic the gathering, and chess. The main character is the Kaiser, who happens to also be the villain of the story as well…with that said I deferr to the best person able to explain the dynamics of Dark Legacy, the creator himself Bryan Tillman – Enjoy.

The Game is slated for Release August of 2012.

Shawn Alleyne, Artist with Talent to Spare Gives a Rockin’ Interview…

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This guy can Draw, and he has a killer appetite for marketing his brand…You’ve got to SEE his Pencils!!!

Greetings Comic Natives, as you can see by my bold intro, I am excited about this interview. I met Shawn while exiting a convention, I was late to a meeting (meaning my ride was about to leave me hanging so I had to book or suffer the consequences of finding my own ride and a place to crash for the night, not happening) at the Double Tree Hotel in Orlando (a local watering hole for many of the industry’s top artist, creators, and writers…Who knew our industry talent could party like rap stars and rock stars combined).

Shawn Alleyne's Street Team cover

Shawn Alleyne's Street Team cover

Well, as I was leaving his display caught my eye; in fact he made sure I took note. How? Well he called out…”Hey, take a look at this” the magic words in order to get attention and potentially get things sold. At the risk of losing my ride and a room for the night I took a look and was beyond impressed, Shawn’s lines are killer…he has professional “artsmenship” all over his work. I would be proud to say he penciled any project I am working on, if I had any…but you never know what the future holds, huh! Well, with all the accolades I’ve showered Shawn with it’s time for him to deliver so below you will find an impressive interview  complemented by an equally impressive ARTIST… ENJOY:

Comic Privy: What plans do you have for your Company? Is a book in the works?

Shawn Alleyne: Right now I do a lot of freelance work and with anything I try to keep my plans simple: put out a good product. That’s what’s going to make a company successful. My goal is to become an artist that’s never broke. Still working on that. Lol As far as a book, I have plans for an original creation, but right now it’s on a back burner. I do have a book coming out that a large collaborative effort between myself and five other independent creators. The name of the book is called Street Team, and features a good old school team up between all of our characters.

Shawn and his Street Team poster

Shawn and his Street Team poster

Comic Privy: What are some of the most challenging aspects regarding the company/book creation process?

Shawn Alleyne: Two words: time management. It took me forever just to do this interview. Lol I would say the next thing would be separating yourself from your product. Sometimes artists and creators get so attached to an idea because they’ve had it in their heads for so long, that they don’t take the proper steps to insure the product is as good as it can be. Small things like getting an editor or asking colleagues for HONEST critiques can go a long way and help a project reach its full potential.

Comic Privy: Tell us a little abut how your fascination with comics began, and how you became involved in the comic book industry?

Shawn Alleyne: It started with my Dad plopping me down at his knee and showing me how to draw Daredevil. After that I was hooked. And I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family where they loved all kinds of comics and shared that diversity with me, so I read anything from 2000A.D comics, to the Marvel and DC guys, all the way to Archie. Yes, Archie.

Shawn Alleyne and a few of his Achievements

Shawn Alleyne and a few of his Achievements

I’m still trying to claw my way up the comic book ladder, but I became involved in the industry by attending comic cons. People seemed to like what I was laying down, and after a while I received a few commissions, which lead to more and more.

Comic Privy: What were some of your first projects?

Shawn Alleyne: One of my very first projects was re-designing a client’s universe of characters. He was writing a book called Surian Seed, and brought me on to do touch-ups and turn-arounds, and at the time I had NO idea what I was doing. I was then asked to do a few chapter illustrations for an illustrated novel called Knight Seeker. And after that commissions kept coming in.

Comic Privy: Can you tell us a little more about the Street Team project?

Shawn Alleyne: Well, the Street Team concept as a whole began when I drew some of my friend’s characters, combined with one I co-created with another guy, together as a “fake-team” pin-up. A guy saw it online and contacted me about doing a video-game. I got in touch with the other creators and we decided, “what the hell! Let’s go for it”. Then, minds got to working and one of the creators suggested we do a comic book tie-in. The official name of book is called Street Team: Reign of the Iron Dragon, and it tells the story of our five urban vigilante type heroes joining together to overcome a real bad-ass prick called Oguun and his minions. I co-wrote the book as well as supplied inks and the cover.

Comic Privy: How did you come up with the idea for your personal book?

Shawn Alleyne: I came up with the idea after working on a project where the writer seemed to base everything off of their life. There were some things we disagreed on that he stated plainly he was not going to change, and I realized he had no reason to. This story, the characters, were all his. I had no connection to it. So I set out to create something that would be mine…that would reflect my historymy viewpoints. So I got a brand new sketchbook, and listed all the things I loved, all the things I wanted to see in a comic, all the stereotypes I wanted to break. I combined those things and came up with Aizan, the title character. BTW, she spins out of the Street Team story.

Shawn Alleyne shows off his Aizan pencil line work.

Shawn Alleyne shows off his Aizan pencil line work.

Comic Privy: What do you enjoy most about the creative process as a whole?

Shawn Alleyne: I get asked this question a lot and I always say: it’s the magic of it. To take a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and create something from nothing is euphoric. Sometimes when I’m really in a groove I can just sketch and doodle for hours, getting caught up in the characters, the story and their world.

Comic Privy: Describe a day in your life as a creative artist.

Shawn Alleyne: Wake up around 6, draw till 9/10, handle computer stuff/emails/etc till around 12, draw till 2/3, have lunch, handle household business, maybe a nap, 5-8 is more art, 8-10 is dinner and family time, 10-1 is more art, the sleep. Wake up, rinse, and repeat.

Shawn Alleyne hard at work.."The pencil Never Sleeps"

Shawn Alleyne hard at work.."The pencil Never Sleeps"

Comic Privy:  Marketing is essential to succeeding in this business, what are your plans for promoting and marketing product?

Shawn Alleyne: With Marketing being so important the main thing we’re going to do is maintain a strong internet presence. Everyone on the team is committed to promoting the product through their personal social site pages, and we’re offering the book through online stores. We also have a social network site just for the Street Team, where we not only promote the book itself, but what the individual creators are doing separately as well. For those that want to get up close and personal, we plan on hitting the convention circuit.

Comic Privy: What other projects do you have coming down the pipe?

Shawn Alleyne: Besides my project Aizan, I’m working on the Surian Seed comic project I mentioned earlier. We plan on releasing a Marvel Universe style guide book, with the comic to follow. I’m also illustrating all the chapter art for a fantasy novel called Dusk: A Crown of Horns and I just signed up for a supernatural type of comic from an independent publisher.

Comic Privy: Tell us a little about Aizan, what it is all about?

Shawn Alleyne: Aizan is about a lot of things. It’s about music, graffiti, parkour, heritage, ninjas, truth, angels, fisticuffs, and more ninjas. The story starts off with Aizan, or Hela as she is known, as a young woman who’s very angry at the world she’s living in: Her mom is in the hospital with an incurable disease; she has a strained relationship at best with her dad; she’s dealing with the struggle of being a small-time business woman; and due to the events that will take place in the Street Team book her city is going to be left devastated. So coming out of all that she’s got a mad-on for life in general and specifically, people with powers, and does stuff where she “tags” buildings in the city with her crew of graffiti anarchists to expose the truth of the corrupt government. The twist comes when this old hero called The Black Aizan revels to Hela that she in fact is a super powered being and must carry on his legacy. From there things go downhill pretty quickly.

Shawn Alleyne's Aizan turnarounds 2

Shawn Alleyne's Aizan turnarounds 2

Community Question: What changes do you see happening in the comic industry, and how do you see it affecting the independent creator.

Shawn Alleyne: I see digital comics having a stronger and stronger impact. I also see technology as a whole allowing the independent creator to have more control over their product and the way the consumer acquires it, meaning the playing field is going to become more level. As a result I feel the “majors” are going to have no choice but to re-evaluate the material they are putting out in the haphazard way it seems they are. And we have to be ready.

Any additional details you want your fans to know about your book:

Shawn Alleyne..."a Special Thanks to my Fans and future audience."

Shawn Alleyne..."a Special Thanks to my Fans and future audience."

Just want to include some links:









Thanks to everyone who checked me out. Peace.

Amanda Rachels and Kevin Laporte are Sending in The Clowns in Their New Book “Clown Town.”

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Reviewer: Ron Kerronian
Flash Rating: Horror, Fantasy, and Comedy

If you like Showtime’s Dexter or Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, you’ll like Clowntown. Clowns are often Known for three things, Making people Laugh, funny make up, and corny tricks – in this book clowns give a new meaning to all three…

Written by: Kevin Laporte
Pencils by: Amanda Rachels
Color by: Amanda Rachels
Publisher: Inverse Press

Clown Town's Amanda Rachels

Clown Town's Amanda Rachels

It’s hard to believe that such a cute smile and innocent looking face could ever come up with a story such as  clown town. Clown Town is a story of about well – Clowns. However, you’ve never met clowns like these before and I pray you never find yourself the “kind “of prey they are designed to hunt. Yes, these are hunters that hunt child abusers – no one escape whether guilty, accessory, or irresponsible bystander…if you are a part of the abuse and not the solution, “Bozo” whacks ya.

This idea is genius, because think about it, what comes to mind when you think of clowns – Happy, well-meaning entertaining adults that dress in make up to make kids happy and laugh… well these clowns are not in that business; they are in the business of making Bad parents pay and pay they do, often with their lives, but not before Bozo here has his laugh. I know it seems odd that a bunch of renegade clowns would be the ones coming to the aid of a child, but as the book lays it out, they are almost like costumed heroes with a twist.

Amanda Rachels and Kevin LaPorte

Amanda Rachels and Kevin LaPorte

This book seeks to smash perceptions of clowns as innocent creatures fit for nothing more than entertainment, and it transforms them into avenging Angels who bring vicious although humorous violence to a certain kind of human.  The theme, I think feeds the desire many solid citizens wish they could make happen to child offenders, to be punished beyond measure. These clowns are the judge, jury, and albeit unconventional executioners. Each offender is dealt with in a uniquely planned (these clowns seem to use conventional means, sting operations and child decoy methods in use on popular TV shows such as To Catch a Predator) and grotesque manner.

Think for a moment, what would happen if offenders were afraid to close their eyes at night, knowing that if they do, an avenging clown would stuff them like a balloon animal. How many times have you heard of a child that has been victimized on the news or in your own neighborhood and yet you did or could do nothing…your mind knows what could happen but the survival mechanism in your mind does and will not mentally go there. This book is a safe healthy way to live out those avenging fantasies without getting your hands bloodied and becoming an abuser yourself… “An Awesome Read.”

Clown Town in Real Life

Clown Town in Real Life

This issue From a rating system of “A – F,” I give  a solid   “A”. This rating is awarded this book delves into very common social issues regarding child victims and it uses clowns as the vigilantes many of us wish we could be (except without the crazy makeup red nose, and oversized floats for shoes).


“If you know a child that is a victim of child abuse, please call the authorities, you could save a life. If you’re the abuser, you are urged to get some help, who knows the life you save could be your OWN…”

FacePalm Comic releases A Winner with TREY #1

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Reviewer: Ron Kerronian         
Flash Rating: Sci-Fi Action Adventure


Created and Written by: Levar Leo

Edited by: Karine Genereux
Pencils by: Leigh Walls              
Color by: Lionel Walker
Cover by: Lionel Walker
Publisher:  FacePalm Comic, LLC.

This first issue waste no time diving into the action (usually a winning formula to catch a reader’s attention right away). The simplicity of the panels almost tells the story without words; which demonstrates great sequential story telling.

FacePalm Comic, LLC. newest project TREY

FacePalm Comic, LLC. newest project TREY

The story sets the reader up for what may seem like a normal day on the job for the lead character Trey, however, that quickly changes once he reaches his assigned location. The trouble that ensues is something Trey potentially looks for at least on some level, based on the read I get the impression that a quite day does not seem to exist in his vocabulary.

The story introduces the reader to the type of challenging assignments that Trey and his team face; it also demonstrates how the team “handles” these challenges as well. The story hits that there is more to Trey and his work relationship that it appears to be on the surface, he seems almost distant, almost as if he is working out the mysteries of the universe in his mind.

Levar Leo and I had the opportunity to discuss Trey and as far as I can gather, the story is set in a Sci-Fi future where a G.I. Joe-like  military with a TriGun mentality of “take no prisoners” is necessary to keep this world from falling apart. There are questions, some of which are not answered in this book, but (Levar promises if you hang on for the ride) will be in future issues. Questions such as why is this specialized team needed in the first place, and what is the world afraid of falling apart from?

This episode From a rating system of “A – F,” I give  a solid B. This rating is awarded because for a first time writer, Levar does a great job of depicting an easy to follow pilot. The artist, leigh, also illustrates consistent panels which guide the book in a forward moving direction, the colors are uniform and separated well. It may seem odd that I gathered all this from one issue, however, “thems  the Breaks.” This book is a great jumping on point for younger yet  mature readers and even the not so young reader, if you like it; then just go with it!

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