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The Author or Director; Whose Movie is it?

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Hunger games author(Suzanne Collinns) and director(Gary Ross).

Hunger games author(Suzanne Collinns) and director(Gary Ross).

While visiting one of my local comic book store haunts, Tates Comics. I overheard (Meaning I was Nosey) a discussion; one that almost got quite heated (We comic fans are so full of passion) between two store goers. The conversation asked the question, who gets the credit for the movie if it is based on a book?

In my opinion books and movies are two very different art forms; that happen to share a common interest – telling a story. These mediums are different; and distinctly so. The details of a book are imagined; and imagined differently by each reader, the possibilities are endless as to what the author intended and what the reader interpreted. Movies on the other hand are very direct and deliberate; there is no mistake as to what the director intends and what the audience received (in most cases, i.e. what the hell was Eyes Wide Shut all about).

For example, the color Red in a book can translate to many variations of red; even if the author spells out which color red, the reader will in most cases envision another color (In most cases). On the other hand, when a movie shows the color red, that color is the same red to all the viewers; unless they’re color blind.

Based on the correlations, it’s starting to seem that the director is the king of the movie. So with that said my opinion is that all movies based on books are inspired by the author but not necessarily credited to the author.

Your Thoughts my Entertainment Natives…


How to Make a major Impact on FREE Comic Book Day.

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365 Killer, Sure Fire, Down – and – Dirty Marketing Strategies; Tactics For Indy Publishers and Comic Shop Owners…PART 24

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - Power girl.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - Power girl.

While investigating stores and the event that is FREE Comic Book Day ( FCBD), I noticed there were lots of promotion for the  FCBD event itself, but little to  no artist/creator promotional and relationship building material for the store itself  and its’ customers.  There was no branding, no creator community bonding, no creator retailer cross promoting… again, just the branding of the FCBD.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - The Fans Branded.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - The Fans Branded.

FCBD is already a known staple in the comic book world, what may be an unknown is your book, and the best way to change that is to get them in stores. How? You build relationships with the store owners, who have access to the customers, who in turn have access to the money and potential success of your work of art.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - True believers.

How to Make a Major impact on FREE Comic Book Day - True believers.

How do you go about building this relationship? The method I will be discussing is that of Private labeling, have the store incorporated in the comic book or published work you’ve  created, the easiest way to do this is by creating a store specific personalized emblem, picture, ect… on your book cover….this emblem/picture will be the accompanied by  the FCBD emblem. However, it will also brand you as a partnership fixture in the mind of the store owners and the potential customers that pick up your book.

Happy Hunting…

Tate’s Comics Tent Sale Part. 1 – A Real life Lesson in effective Brand Awareness.

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Greetings Comic Natives, today we get to witness how brand awareness can create a hug buzz if a company  embeds itself  in the interest of  its’ community.

Tate's Comics X-men Vs. Avengers Launch.

Tate's Comics X-men Vs. Avengers Launch.

A while back I was invited to Tate’s Comics to video their tent sale…I’ve never been before (I know shame on me), but I was extremely glad I did. The event started with me coming out of my truck; at first I was oblivious to the activity around me. I did not even take note of the massive flock of Tate followers that had stretched around the corner. Truth be told I was not expecting it to be more than a hand full of fans (Think about the economy, money is tight people), what I saw defies in my meager mind belief…the video will demonstrate what I mean, so sit back and enjoy community brand awareness at work.

Great job to Tate’s Comics and the legion of fans that support them.

Tradd Moore And His Strange Talents.

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Greetings Comic Natives, today we have Tradd Moore, and he is the penciler/inker  of Image Comics recent SMASH hit “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.”  The book is centered on the desire of most teen males – to be strong, buff, to make an imposing impression (Don’t “F” with me). However, this is where the similarity to the average teenage life ends, the story morphs from an innocent obsession of wishful thinking…into an all too real nightmare.  When wishes come true there is always a sacrifice demanded and for Luther Strode the protagonist, his sacrifice is his very humanity.

Luther Strode

Luther Strode

While reviewing the books, I noticed Tradd’s  ability to depict  visually violent outcomes; yet not so much that it is scary overboard. The violence is situation appropriate; which manages to level the book out, as Luther wants nothing to do with clear and present violence foreshadowed for him by a gentleman that looks like Batman’s Alfred on steroids. However, Luther is forced to learn that in life sometimes your wants really does matter especially when someone with more muscle has his or her self interest at play.

Luther Strode Violence Appropriate

Luther Strode Violence Appropriate

Tradd explains that the story’s influence originated from the old advertisements (order here for BIGGER muscles, a submarine, or sea monkeys) that comic books were rifled with in the 1980’s…they always seem to promise much but delivered little, but we were kids and we believed it would work just as advertised. The completion of this book marks Tradd’s  trial by fire comic book induction now as a professional artist.

What’s next for the artist, well Tradd has stated that a dream of his has alsways been to work with such living legends such as Neil Gaiman, Takashi Miike, John Romita Jr, and John Cassaday to mention a Few. Artist such as these have helped inspire and influence Tradd’s pilgrimage into the comic book industry.

Tradd himself may not be a legend as of yet however, I would love to someday have him work on one of my projects (Tradd, just remember not to get so BIG that you forget the little people).

Shawn Alleyne, Artist with Talent to Spare Gives a Rockin’ Interview…

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This guy can Draw, and he has a killer appetite for marketing his brand…You’ve got to SEE his Pencils!!!

Greetings Comic Natives, as you can see by my bold intro, I am excited about this interview. I met Shawn while exiting a convention, I was late to a meeting (meaning my ride was about to leave me hanging so I had to book or suffer the consequences of finding my own ride and a place to crash for the night, not happening) at the Double Tree Hotel in Orlando (a local watering hole for many of the industry’s top artist, creators, and writers…Who knew our industry talent could party like rap stars and rock stars combined).

Shawn Alleyne's Street Team cover

Shawn Alleyne's Street Team cover

Well, as I was leaving his display caught my eye; in fact he made sure I took note. How? Well he called out…”Hey, take a look at this” the magic words in order to get attention and potentially get things sold. At the risk of losing my ride and a room for the night I took a look and was beyond impressed, Shawn’s lines are killer…he has professional “artsmenship” all over his work. I would be proud to say he penciled any project I am working on, if I had any…but you never know what the future holds, huh! Well, with all the accolades I’ve showered Shawn with it’s time for him to deliver so below you will find an impressive interview  complemented by an equally impressive ARTIST… ENJOY:

Comic Privy: What plans do you have for your Company? Is a book in the works?

Shawn Alleyne: Right now I do a lot of freelance work and with anything I try to keep my plans simple: put out a good product. That’s what’s going to make a company successful. My goal is to become an artist that’s never broke. Still working on that. Lol As far as a book, I have plans for an original creation, but right now it’s on a back burner. I do have a book coming out that a large collaborative effort between myself and five other independent creators. The name of the book is called Street Team, and features a good old school team up between all of our characters.

Shawn and his Street Team poster

Shawn and his Street Team poster

Comic Privy: What are some of the most challenging aspects regarding the company/book creation process?

Shawn Alleyne: Two words: time management. It took me forever just to do this interview. Lol I would say the next thing would be separating yourself from your product. Sometimes artists and creators get so attached to an idea because they’ve had it in their heads for so long, that they don’t take the proper steps to insure the product is as good as it can be. Small things like getting an editor or asking colleagues for HONEST critiques can go a long way and help a project reach its full potential.

Comic Privy: Tell us a little abut how your fascination with comics began, and how you became involved in the comic book industry?

Shawn Alleyne: It started with my Dad plopping me down at his knee and showing me how to draw Daredevil. After that I was hooked. And I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family where they loved all kinds of comics and shared that diversity with me, so I read anything from 2000A.D comics, to the Marvel and DC guys, all the way to Archie. Yes, Archie.

Shawn Alleyne and a few of his Achievements

Shawn Alleyne and a few of his Achievements

I’m still trying to claw my way up the comic book ladder, but I became involved in the industry by attending comic cons. People seemed to like what I was laying down, and after a while I received a few commissions, which lead to more and more.

Comic Privy: What were some of your first projects?

Shawn Alleyne: One of my very first projects was re-designing a client’s universe of characters. He was writing a book called Surian Seed, and brought me on to do touch-ups and turn-arounds, and at the time I had NO idea what I was doing. I was then asked to do a few chapter illustrations for an illustrated novel called Knight Seeker. And after that commissions kept coming in.

Comic Privy: Can you tell us a little more about the Street Team project?

Shawn Alleyne: Well, the Street Team concept as a whole began when I drew some of my friend’s characters, combined with one I co-created with another guy, together as a “fake-team” pin-up. A guy saw it online and contacted me about doing a video-game. I got in touch with the other creators and we decided, “what the hell! Let’s go for it”. Then, minds got to working and one of the creators suggested we do a comic book tie-in. The official name of book is called Street Team: Reign of the Iron Dragon, and it tells the story of our five urban vigilante type heroes joining together to overcome a real bad-ass prick called Oguun and his minions. I co-wrote the book as well as supplied inks and the cover.

Comic Privy: How did you come up with the idea for your personal book?

Shawn Alleyne: I came up with the idea after working on a project where the writer seemed to base everything off of their life. There were some things we disagreed on that he stated plainly he was not going to change, and I realized he had no reason to. This story, the characters, were all his. I had no connection to it. So I set out to create something that would be mine…that would reflect my historymy viewpoints. So I got a brand new sketchbook, and listed all the things I loved, all the things I wanted to see in a comic, all the stereotypes I wanted to break. I combined those things and came up with Aizan, the title character. BTW, she spins out of the Street Team story.

Shawn Alleyne shows off his Aizan pencil line work.

Shawn Alleyne shows off his Aizan pencil line work.

Comic Privy: What do you enjoy most about the creative process as a whole?

Shawn Alleyne: I get asked this question a lot and I always say: it’s the magic of it. To take a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and create something from nothing is euphoric. Sometimes when I’m really in a groove I can just sketch and doodle for hours, getting caught up in the characters, the story and their world.

Comic Privy: Describe a day in your life as a creative artist.

Shawn Alleyne: Wake up around 6, draw till 9/10, handle computer stuff/emails/etc till around 12, draw till 2/3, have lunch, handle household business, maybe a nap, 5-8 is more art, 8-10 is dinner and family time, 10-1 is more art, the sleep. Wake up, rinse, and repeat.

Shawn Alleyne hard at work.."The pencil Never Sleeps"

Shawn Alleyne hard at work.."The pencil Never Sleeps"

Comic Privy:  Marketing is essential to succeeding in this business, what are your plans for promoting and marketing product?

Shawn Alleyne: With Marketing being so important the main thing we’re going to do is maintain a strong internet presence. Everyone on the team is committed to promoting the product through their personal social site pages, and we’re offering the book through online stores. We also have a social network site just for the Street Team, where we not only promote the book itself, but what the individual creators are doing separately as well. For those that want to get up close and personal, we plan on hitting the convention circuit.

Comic Privy: What other projects do you have coming down the pipe?

Shawn Alleyne: Besides my project Aizan, I’m working on the Surian Seed comic project I mentioned earlier. We plan on releasing a Marvel Universe style guide book, with the comic to follow. I’m also illustrating all the chapter art for a fantasy novel called Dusk: A Crown of Horns and I just signed up for a supernatural type of comic from an independent publisher.

Comic Privy: Tell us a little about Aizan, what it is all about?

Shawn Alleyne: Aizan is about a lot of things. It’s about music, graffiti, parkour, heritage, ninjas, truth, angels, fisticuffs, and more ninjas. The story starts off with Aizan, or Hela as she is known, as a young woman who’s very angry at the world she’s living in: Her mom is in the hospital with an incurable disease; she has a strained relationship at best with her dad; she’s dealing with the struggle of being a small-time business woman; and due to the events that will take place in the Street Team book her city is going to be left devastated. So coming out of all that she’s got a mad-on for life in general and specifically, people with powers, and does stuff where she “tags” buildings in the city with her crew of graffiti anarchists to expose the truth of the corrupt government. The twist comes when this old hero called The Black Aizan revels to Hela that she in fact is a super powered being and must carry on his legacy. From there things go downhill pretty quickly.

Shawn Alleyne's Aizan turnarounds 2

Shawn Alleyne's Aizan turnarounds 2

Community Question: What changes do you see happening in the comic industry, and how do you see it affecting the independent creator.

Shawn Alleyne: I see digital comics having a stronger and stronger impact. I also see technology as a whole allowing the independent creator to have more control over their product and the way the consumer acquires it, meaning the playing field is going to become more level. As a result I feel the “majors” are going to have no choice but to re-evaluate the material they are putting out in the haphazard way it seems they are. And we have to be ready.

Any additional details you want your fans to know about your book:

Shawn Alleyne..."a Special Thanks to my Fans and future audience."

Shawn Alleyne..."a Special Thanks to my Fans and future audience."

Just want to include some links:









Thanks to everyone who checked me out. Peace.

Jeff Cahn Talks RED SPIKE… and How You Can Win a “FREE” Exclusively SIGNED Copy Of Issue #1.

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RED SPIKE'S Jeff Cahn "Yes This Is Me With a Full Bottle, Yes - This Is Happening!" It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere...

RED SPIKE'S Jeff Cahn "Yes This Is Me With a Full Bottle, Yes - This Is Happening!" It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere...

Jeff Cahn's RED SPIKE "Nothing Can Stop An Idea's Whose Time Has Come!"
Jeff Cahn’s RED SPIKE “Nothing Can Stop An Idea’s Whose Time Has Come!”


Hello, Hello, Hello Comic Natives once again like a modern day Indiana Jones I’ve searched through the grottos of the comic industry to bring to you another prime “Diamond in the Rough” comic native, his name is Jeff Cahn… and he is the creator of what is anticipated to be this summers “runaway BLOCKBUSTER” smash hit – RED SPIKE…With TopTalent (such as artist Mark Texeira) to help support the sheer weight and magnitude of his creation, Jeff is poised to set the comic world a blaze. Now, as a writer Jeff maybe new to comic book genre, however he is by no means a novice when it comes to the entertainment industry.

He currently works for Benaroya Pictures as a screen writer; here he has worked with such A-list talents as Katie Holmes, The Usual Suspects (Kevin Spacey), The Transformers (Shia LaBeouF), True Blood (Anna Paquin), THOR (Natalie Portman), Stanley Tucci, Priest (Paul Bettany), and last but not least The Dark Knight (Gary Oldman).

Jeff’s foray into the comic world is riddled with insights from both that of an outsider as well as an insider (so get ready to sink your teeth into some very thick and juicy meat)…as such I feel the following interview has the potential to be the mystical key that opens the “Mysteriously – laced” lock that has kept many aspiring artist, writers, and publishers locked behind the impregnable door of the comic and entertainment world. I hope you find this interview not only entertaining but informative as well…I look forward to comments.

***THAT BEING SAID; to Help insure that you play (Comments, Comments, Comments) along, I have convinced Alex Rodrik (Jeff Cahn’s Head of Publicity) to Give me THREE EXCLUSIVELY SIGNED Copies of RED SPIKE #1; Which I will Raffle off at the end of  the month (May 31st, 2011) Live on the net to THREE Lucky Winners…

So I guess what I am saying is that I am “shamelessly” BRIBING you to Read, Play and Participate in this article. The rules are simple…write a comment regarding your thoughts about the article and Jeff’s views as to the direction the comic book industry is headed…you are then entered as a contestant to win in the Raffle…Simple – RIGHT?!

ComicPrivy: Can you tell us a little about how your fascination with comics began, and how you became involved in the comic book industry?

Jeff: Well, like most little boys, I would read comics and watch cartoons based on them when I was growing up. My grandmother used to get me subscriptions to Spider-man as Christmas presents. And I remember when I was around ten, my family had to do construction on our house for a few months, so we rented another house and lived there and right around the corner from this new house was a comic shop, so I would walk there and spend a lot of time there when I was a kid. Gold Mine comics, I think was the name. We were only in the rental house for a few months, but it was right when the “Death of Superman” issues were coming out, so that was a big deal and I remember that time pretty well and the posters they had around the shop and all that. And once the construction was done and we moved back to our old house, the comics just sort of followed.

As far as becoming involved in the comic industry, basically I got a job writing a few months out of college. I had written a spec script and Michael [Benaroya] read it and liked it and he hired me onto the development team at the company he had just started. This was early 2007. And it was here that the idea for RED SPIKE was born. So we had the idea, which we felt really lent itself to the comic medium, and we had a few connections into the comic industry with artists and editors and so we figured we might as well just go for it and try to produce a comic based off this idea.

ComicPrivy: How did you come up with the idea for your book?

Red Spike cover Issue #1

Red Spike cover Issue #1

Jeff: We’d been playing around with the idea of an adrenalized super soldier for a while. It’s just a cool idea, a self-contained superhero that uses this magic chemical that we all possess. And at first it was just one guy, Matt, but as we began to build the world, we realized that having two of these guys allows us to do a lot more character work because we can play the two soldiers off of each other and use each of them as a foil for the other one. And once that decision was made, we just went to work trying to figure out what was the best story. We wanted it to be an origin story of sorts, not for Matt or for Greg, but for Red Spike as a whole, for the entire Red Spike universe and we wanted it to have legs so should we want to continue building and expanding the world in later issues or a series, we’d be able to. But it was a fairly long and intense process, like whittling a sculpture from a hunk of marble until it looks the way you want. So I wouldn’t say we came up with the idea for the book so much as we constructed the book based on the idea that we wanted to create a universe of interesting characters and situations based around adrenalized super soldiers.

ComicPrivy: The story seems to touch on every man’s desire to be a superman…more than just a man, how are you going to cater to the female audience?

Jeff Cahn: You mean girls don’t dream about being supermen too? Lol. Well, there are some female characters in RED SPIKE, and an especially strong one is Doctor Downey. She might be the most intelligent character in the story and she’s definitely one of the most humane and also one of the most brave. She does a thankless job because she thinks it’s the best way she can help people and the country. As the story progresses, we begin to see how Greg survives because of her, or because he knows she’s out there and wants to get back to her. And we see how much she is willing to sacrifice for him. So while on its face it may seem that RED SPIKE is just a testosterone driven action story, there are definitely elements of heart balancing out the action, and she is one of the primary counterweights. She’s a very complex, self made woman, who has earned the respect of these very ‘manly’ men, so I think having elements like that in the story should appeal to everyone, not just men and not just women.

ComicPrivy: Jeff, what were some of the most challenging aspects regarding the creation process of RED SPIKE?

Jeff: Learning comic structure and the language of the form was the hardest part for me. By that I mean that all good stories have similarities as far as their story structure, but each form — film, novels, TV, comics — have their own idiosyncrasies that a writer must master, or at least have an understanding of, in order to be effective. And despite liking and reading comics, I was fairly new to writing them when this process began so I had to begin thinking about them in terms of being a practitioner of the craft, as opposed to just a consumer. So for me it was learning the nuances of the comic form, like how to efficiently convey action and movement, what specific moments make for the best images, and how pages are supposed to flow. As a writer, comics are a much more visual medium than most. You’re essentially the director, meaning, you are the one in charge of assembling the imagery. For me figuring out what images best convey the story and then figuring out how to effectively communicate that to the artist was probably the most challenging aspect.

ComicPrivyHow did you come up with the genius marketing idea to run a contest that involved the fans as well as the store owners?

Jeff: Haha, I wish I could take credit for that idea. That was an idea of Dave [Elliott] (our Editor-in-Chief ) and Alex [Rodrik] (our Head-of-Publicity), so props to them on a great idea!

RED SPIKE issue #1 - Win a Mark Texteira Original Work Of Art.

RED SPIKE issue #1 - Win a Mark Texteira Original Work Of Art.

A chance at a Mark Texeira original cover for a buck? Pretty sweet.

ComicPrivy:  Marketing is essential to succeeding in this businessor any other, what are your plans for promoting and marketing RED SPIKE, aside from social networking?

Jeff: As you said, we’ve been using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out. We’ve also been pounding the virtual pavement and trying to talk to as many people in the industry that we can about the comic and the various promotions for it. We have a contest that people can enter to win Mark Texeira’s original cover artwork and an interior page for their local comic store. Details are here:

Red Spike Fan proudly shows his support.

Red Spike Fan proudly shows his support.

But basically, you go to your local store, buy the comic, take a picture of yourself with it outside the store, or somewhere identifiable, and then post the photo to Red Spike’s Facebook pagewhere we’ll randomly draw a winner.

Red Spike Contest - Girls Get In On The Action Too!

Red Spike Contest - Girls Get In On The Action Too! I hope Whole Foods Gives you a Free Wheat Grass Smoothie For This:-)

So for $1 you buy yourself a chance at an original “ONE OF A KIND” piece of art and your store will love you because they’ll win something too. Hopefully this will also generate interest because Mark is a well known artist who’s done really great work that people like.

ComicPrivy: What do you enjoy most about creating comic book?

Jeff: There are a lot of elements that I enjoy but seeing what the artist has done might be the most fun. Getting back inked and colored versions of the artwork is really exciting and usually they’ve done something a little different than you pictured it, but in a good way, in a better way than you imagined, and you go “wow, that’s cool.”

Red Spike- The Dream Comes Alive.

Red Spike- The Dream Comes Alive.

But in general, just having something that you’ve written get published and hopefully enjoyed by other people is very gratifying.

 ComicPrivy: I am told that you have another project (REDEEMER) coming down the pipe…can you release one detail about this book that will make it highly anticipated by readers of this article?

Jeff: We’re going to have a great artist on it. I’m going to hold off on telling you his name, but suffice it to say that anyone reading this will know him and will be excited to see what he does.

ComicPrivy: Now Jeff you have to come a little heavier than that… Tell us a little about the book; what’s it all about?

Jeff: Ok, well since you asked nicely… Redeemer is set in the old west and I would classify it as a supernatural western. A stranger enters a small, isolated frontier town and claims to have found gold in the hills around it. Most of the town is all for turning the place into a full on mining camp but the preacher and a few of his followers see the pitfalls of this—gambling, prostitution, general moral decay—and attempt to stop, or at least slow down, the mining process. The stranger and some of his greedy allies take matters into their own hands and this results in the preacher’s death. Then the preacher is raised from the dead to exact revenge on his killers. I’d say it’s like The Crow set in the world of There Will be Blood.

 ComicPrivy: Like having a first crush, we never forget them, What is your favorite comic title of all time?

Jeff: Oh wow, that’s a tough one. There are so many that I think are really great. As far as more mainstream titles, I really like Batman, especially Arkham Asylum. I’m also a big fan of Warren Ellis, particularly Transmetropolitan and No Hero. And lately I’ve been reading a lot of The Boys, which is really funny and twisted and irreverent, as well as a lot of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, specifically Criminal and Incognito. I just preordered Incognito #2 so I’m pumped about that one coming out.

ComicPrivy: What is the best advice you can give to aspiring Artist?

Jeff: I would say a few things. The first is to take it very seriously and work hard at it because that’s the only way you’ll become successful. If you’re a writer, try to always be writing. You need to establish a routine and stick to it and that means writing a lot. Not every day, necessarily, but at least 4 days a week, and 5 or 6 is even better. You need to try to condition your brain to function as a writer’s brain even if you aren’t actively writing. If you’re a visual artist, try to see the world through those eyes. But it’s a tough industry that a lot of people want to break into. Whenever I get lazy, I just remember that there is someone else working harder than me at that moment and that usually helps refocus me.

It’s also important to be able to accept and implement constructive criticism. This can be tricky, but you need to find people who you trust to give you accurate and honest feedback on your work and you need to listen carefully. Nobody wants to hear that something that they spent dozens or even hundreds of hours on is wrong or needs more work, but that’s often, if not always, the case, and believe me, it’s better to get good feedback and fix the mistakes than it is to not. Other than that, just don’t give up. If the work is good enough someone will find it.

***Community Question: What changes do you see happening in the comic industry, and how do you see it affecting the independent creator.

Jeff: I think the comic industry is at an interesting juncture. In some ways it’s shrinking. Year-over-year sales are declining and have dropped fairly significantly since 1997. However, never have comics been more in the zeitgeist. Almost every summer blockbuster that comes out is based on a comic. Just look at this year: Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America. And artists from other mediums who you might not think would be involved with comics, like Ziggy Marley or Rashida Jones, are becoming involved. So in some aspects I feel like the comic industry is expanding in ways it never has before.

I honestly think that it’s just going to keep expanding and that once people make the move to digital comics, things will really take off because that will democratize distribution. You won’t need a printing press to pay for hard copies or a convince store to carry your comic. You’ll just need to upload the file. I think that will really help independent and smaller companies. I also think the general public is finally starting to realize what fans have known for a while now: that there can be a lot to comics, that they aren’t just superheros and bad guys, but that you can tell complex and gritty stories in the comic medium. I think as more people get more and more exposure to some of the independent or lesser known comics out there, the demand will rise. And most of these changes I view as positive for independent creators because the cheaper it is to produce and distribute comics, the easier it becomes to get your work out.


P.S. Do not forget to leave a comment…This is your FREE opportunity to WIN one of only  THREE Exclusively SIGNED Copies of RED SPIKE #1 

Jeramy Hobbs and Jacob Warren Talk – TRASH #2.

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Now after all the excitement and fanfare of this year’s 1st quarter convention season simmers down, I reflect on the finer interviews I had the pleasure of witnessing. You may remember Last summer I wrote an article about an aspiring writer and artist team – Jeramy Hobbs and Jacob Warren; their Brainchild is affectionately titled TRASH (a Term of endearment I assure you). The work is far from anything even resembling TRASH.

Jeramy Hobbs and Jacob Warren's TRASH revisited.

Jeramy Hobbs and Jacob Warren's TRASH revisited.


Now keep seated, I have some back-story at to how this and all the corresponding interviews “almost” did not happen…you see typically, I like to read and research the work of the artist or writer before I conduct the interview. Unfortunately or fortunately (you be the judge), the night prior I hung out with a crazy bunch of guys (Larry Watts, Patrick Sessoms, James Whynot – “The Party Messiah,” Banky- BankyOne, and the entire Acomic Shop crew) who loves to party apparently all the time.

After a regimen of courage that would be enough to subdue ten elephants, we made our way back to the hotel where James “Mr. party Messiah” himself challenged ever and anyone to a brawl in WWE wrestling fashion…only a few brave souls challenged him, the rest of us simply wanted to crash because we were already feeling the burn.

Suffice to say after a night like that, I was wasted…I felt as useful as a ripped condom…(for those of you confused, that means I had a Blast) With 3 hours sleep, red-eyed, I managed to slug myself to the convention center to interview these fine gentlemen.

The Night after the interview (I did not party) I read their “mega log” of a comic book (Jeramy jokes “It takes me 4 hours to draw one of Jacob’s sentences”… on a serious note, the prime focus according to Jacob is to be able to tell a story accurately without taking short cuts). It is their standard 24-25 pages, however, each page is saturated with emotionally charged dialog and rich pencils, and it’s like reading the cool cousin of a novel, “all the rewards without endless hours of sacrifice.” You can still read this book, enjoy it, and amazingly still have time for a social life (and evidently by the activities I just mentioned it seems like no one party’s as hard as a comic geek squad – we’re like untrained caged beast).

TRASH has been getting tons of great feedback not only from people like myself but from convention goers as well. Jacob jokingly says, “With all the positive feedback we’ve received, I’m just waiting to hear someone say – this sucks!” The story is surreal in its presentation, yet, it paints a lucid picture of the daily struggles we all face, it throws the average group of people in a not so average situation, and steers you and the character down deep into their minds as they attempt to cope with a tragic and horrendous event. This story is not about heroes. It’s about the average blood and bones person, that’s thrown into a situation that forces them to choose the course that best serves more than their own bases desires…and it that moment they possibly touch heroism. The story depicts what tragic events do, not only to the victim, but also to the entire community as a whole.

Of all the many points I can highlight, the element I really like about this book is that I can’t explain it in words without writing an entire book myself to explain the simplistic genius of each event that is currently taking place in the world of these characters. Jacob eloquently coined two terms that give you a glimpse into the rough terrain that is this story “Smiling through Adversity” and “Lots of Crackers and No Water.” If you are a reader looking for the story and art that launches you out of this reality faster than a surface to air missile into something amazing – then you’ve found it in TRASH. It’s well worth your time and money, the characters are as alive as you and me or at least you will believe them to be.



-Awesome Read guys…. wishing you the best in taking this world by storm.

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